All programs start with a comprehensive functional movement assessment. This will allow us to create a health and wellness profile and design a specific training program to reach all your health and fitness goals.


Chiropractic works by affecting the central nervous system which is composed of your brain and spinal cord. The manual adjustment of the spine has been proven to restore spinal function and actually change the way the brain functions.


Health is the Greatest Wealth

At Peninsula Wellness & Performance, your next health and fitness goal is possible. Whether you are looking to boost your endurance, enhance your athletic abilities in your sport, increase your range of motion, decrease pain, rehabilitate from old injuries, change your eating habits, lose weight, improve your posture or simply focus on overall quality of life, we can help.

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We Are Ready To Help You To Get Perfect Fitness!

Personalise your workout with a world class personal training program.



Sport Performance Training


Do you want to excel in your sport? Of course you do! Using a combination of Corrective Exercise and Sports Performance Enhancement training (Strength & Conditioning) We can give you the upper hand in your athletic endeavors. Using this method we are able help athletes from adolescent, to the olympic level prevent sport specific injuries, and improve their performance to reach the top of their field and perform to the best of their ability.

No matter what your sport or athletic activities may be, we can design a personalized, or team program to improve performance, and prevent common injuries.

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Babbs CarlsonBabbs Carlson
04:28 25 Jun 22
Have been enjoying the energy and attention that we get weekly from the crew - Their knowledge, dedication, and passion is apparent! Can't thank them enough for all they do for us!
Sandra MillerSandra Miller
02:02 07 Jun 22
Experts in their field. Top notch. The best there is.
Rebecca WardRebecca Ward
17:43 27 May 22
Jaclyn and Bobby are the dream team. I have been going to chiropractors since I was 15 and never found anyone as encompassing as Jaclyn, she does thorough assessments and individualizes care like no other. Bobby goes above and beyond with his individualized plans for clients. Exercises are constantly being adjusted and changed as you progress. Put in the effort and do the exercises, it’s worth it!
Nancy McHenryNancy McHenry
16:54 17 May 22
Definitely 5 Stars!! *****I was on my way to hip replacement and wanted to get stronger before the surgery. Boy, was I surprised when I found out my body & pain issues were from a hip imbalance and surgery was not necessary! Thank you!!By working with the Peninsula Wellness and Performance team, I am able to walk pain free and increase my range of motion and endurance. Allison keeps me motivated through my corrective exercises, Bobby provides advice to refine my food choices for optimal health, and Dr. Jaclyn expertly adjusts my misaligned body.As a non athlete, I was worried about going to a gym. There was nothing for me to worry about. My only regret is that I did not call them sooner! Peninsula Wellness and Performance is a game/life changer.
Lauren BreynaertLauren Breynaert
15:38 12 May 22
Port angeles is lucky to have Jacyln and Bobby as practitioners. Jaclyn is by far the best chiropractor I have had, coupling body manipulation with massage and physical therapy exercises, she has helped me through many injuries. I am also a monthly member to their gym which has extensive and diverse equipment to help complete my physical therapy exercises. I would recommend them if you would like a whole body and health approach to healing injuries or just getting back to a stronger and healthier body.