Chiropractic works by affecting the central nervous system which is composed of your brain and spinal cord. The manual adjustment of the spine has been proven to restore spinal function and actually change the way the brain functions. In its most simplest form this is crucial because spinal dysfunction is known to result in reduced postural control.
Postural control is important because it provides an accurate proprioceptive processing (where your body is in space) between the brain and your body. Without proper control of the neck, mid back or low back it is known to negatively affect our brain’s ability to stabilize the body, making it easier to trip or fall resulting in injury.
Spinal adjustments and extremity adjustments can change the way muscles are controlled. The adjustment has been shown to increase muscular strength to the adjacent muscle by ~20% following a chiropractic manipulation. This is crucial for proper muscle activation. Without the nerve firing to activate the muscle you will get less than ideal performance from that muscular tissue. This could have a huge impact on sports performance or even daily life activities.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The muscles in your body communicate with your brain through the peripheral nervous system. It is possible to make lasting changes by correcting any imbalances in overly tight muscles. I utilize a few techniques based on the presenting symptoms to accomplish this goal.
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy uses a metal tool that is extremely effective in breaking up adhesions that form in tissues following an injury or repetitive type injury. These adhesions restrict normal motion of the tissues causing altered motion and typically a decrease in range of motion often times associated with pain.
Pin & Stretch Muscle Release Technique is effective at getting rid of trigger points that can occur in muscles. A trigger point is a palpable nodule in a taut band of muscle. Trigger points often have common referral patterns that when pressed on radiate to another location in the body. It is important to identify these trigger points so that the cause is being treated rather than the symptom.
Self Myofascial Release and Proper Stretching Techniques. Incorporating an individualized stretching regimen is part of my everyday practice for each individual patient. I teach how to utilize a lacrosse ball, foam roll and other basic equipment to achieve the desired outcome. It is important that patients play an active part in their treatment. Without your commitment to ‘homework’ the long lasting effects are very difficult to reach.


Kinesio tape is an effective tool to aid in re-education of muscular tissue. It can also help to decrease pain associated with an injury and provide proprioceptive awareness to that area. Additionally, it can help speed up the healing following an injury. I utilize kinesio tape when it is needed to help aid in the recovery process.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is utilized to help address any underlying movement dysfunction. A complex functional movement assessment process is used to identify individual movement pattern dysfunctions. It is important to restore proper muscular activation to the body in order to create an optimally functioning body. Corrective exercise is used as specific therapeutic exercise program to get you back to normal function following an injury, or prevent injuries that an individual may be prone to.

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