Personal Training

Personalize your workout with a world class personal training program.

All programs start with a comprehensive functional movement assessment. This will allow us to create a health and wellness profile and design a specific training program to reach all your health and fitness goals. It is highly recommended to include a sports nutrition plan to compliment and improve results.

Corrective Exercise

Sports Prehab & Rehab

Corrective exercise is a specialized training technique that utilizes a complex functional movement assessment process to identify individual movement pattern dysfunctions. The assessment also identifies muscular, skeletal, and/or nervous system imbalances which lead to decreased function of the kinetic chain (entire body). These imbalances may have led to an injury, or may be creating a predictable pattern of injury. Corrective exercise will get you back to normal function following an injury, or prevent injuries that an individual may be prone to. Have you ever heard of a professional athlete (such as Russell Wilson) incorporating “prehab” in their training program? That’s corrective exercise!

Small Group Training


If you’re more motivated by working out with a team/group this is for you. Another bonus is you will be saving money on you personal training sessions!
The workouts are much more personalized than the Strength and Conditioning classes as the trainer will be able to focus on 2-6 people rather than 8-12. There will be more specific modifications and selection of proper exercises to fit each individual in the group. Along with those bonuses, the trainer can also focus on a specific goal that the entire small group may have in mind.

Nutrition Planning

Sports and Lifestyle Nutrition

Whether you are an athlete, want to lose weight, or are looking to improve health and well being. Getting yourself on a quality, balanced, and appropriate nutrition plan is of the utmost importance in order to excel towards your goals. No fad or crash diets. We strive for lifestyle changes, and good choices, through extensive education about proper individualized nutrition plans.
Single class drop in $40
4 classes a month Small Group Training membership $140 (per month)
8 classes a month Small Group Training membership  $260 (per month)
4 classes a month+ 24hr access key fob membership $180 (per month)
8 classes a month+ 24hr access key fob membership $270 (per month)